Anu and Ranj - A Birmingham wedding


When Ranj and Anu first got in touch I knew from their description that we would get some great photographs. They had spared no expense with the decorations and dressing of the rooms. I arrived at the hotel to start the day and it seemed everyone was holding their breath for the weather to hold out. If it stayed dry the ceremony would be outside in the lovely gardens surrounded by forest and lakes, if not we we would be moving inside to the still lovely (but not quite as nice) banquet hall.

As the day progressed it wasn’t looking good, but then like some kind of miracle the weather broke just minutes before we were due to start and the clouds parted for just long enough for the ceremony and key shots before we all scarpered back inside to avoid getting drenched.

Anu really made a stunning bride, her dress was a timeless classic and she looked lovely however I shot them. My particular favourites are the shots of the bride with her little girl, I'm always looking to catch these truly honest and special moments between people and they are some of my most treasured shots.

Anu and Ranj were thrilled with the results and I'm just as happy to be able to show them off.