This site provides an easy and secure way to browse images, make personal collections of your favorites and share these collections with family and friends. Collections can be 'read only' or 'full access' to allow others to add their own selections. Perfect when deciding on images for an album, this allows you to preview your shots to others as a collection and try out different combinations. All on site.

Follow these instructions to start your own favourites collection and share, comment on and print images.


  • Click 'login' above and choose a password for the site.
  • Add any photo or multiple photos to favourites from the gallery or photo page
  • Create and rename as many collections as you want
  • Share galleries and slideshow links with friends and family using the 'send it' button
  • Share the gallery or slideshow via email, twitter and facebook
  • NB. Clients selecting images for a Graphistudio album can send collections straight to the photographer


That's it!  Gallery images are 'right click' protected so you can share your images with the knowledge they will not be downloaded by visitors, except with your express permission.