Jenny & Aaron at the Crowne Plaza Liverpool

I love the Liverpool scenery and I love a challenge. Jenny and Aaron got in touch and told me they were having a city wedding, celebrating on the same day as Gay Pride. Excellent.

The Crowne Plaza itself is a high class hotel with lovely rooms and spaces, and a fantastic central hall. The rooms were decorated in a classic elegant stye and the couple had added lots of extra touches for themselves. A personal favourite of mine being the sweet bar. Let’s face it, nobody can resist a curly wurly.

Following the ceremony I set about the task of shooting a huge group in the middle of the docks, without including the thousands of pride attendees in every shot. We found a lovely spot to shoot with water all around and after some jostling managed to shoot a super wide 16mm group , one of my favourites.

I look forward to the next Liverpool wedding, there’s something about the docks, with the Liver birds in the distance that’s just so special. Jenny and Aaron are quite the photogenic couple and they were so relaxed and easy to work with that there are just so many great shots to choose from.