John and Nina at Manchester Golf Club

I have to say I loved this wedding, Nina had taken every little detail into consideration. With so many personal touches it was easy to see the style of the album as I was shooting. The only shots we knew we wanted was the couple on the golf course, but we’ll get to that.

The church was an intimate venue with fairly strict rules on photography. I was told to stay in one spot and not make any sounds, not an easy task when I can see so many opportunities for great shots. After a lovely ceremony and some stealthy camera work every was happy and I got the shots I was looking for. I always respect the rules of the venue but I work for the couple so a balance has to be struck. After a short walk to the golf club the heavens opened but Nina, John and I braved the rain to get the golfing shot they wanted. We must have been a site to see with a crowd of umbrella bearing best men running from the green whenever I shouted “and….Go!” to reveal Nina and John putting as a couple with a few handy props borrowed from the club and rounds of applause from the guests.

Then it was onto the wedding breakfast where moving speeches were in abundance and whilst everyone sat to eat I took the opportunity to get a great cake shot of a perspex tier of cupcakes. Portable flash units can do some amazing things.

Another lovely wedding and some great memories. Congratulations John and Nina!