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You may remember Jill and Chris from their engagement shoot earlier in the year. They're a great couple and really fun to be around. During the pre wedding shoot at Parkgate front we tried some different styles of shooting and they were really happy with the way I worked so during their consultation they told me to just do as I do. Neither of them wanted posed traditional shots so I just aimed to capture the sense of fun I was promised would be in abundance.
Well, they were not wrong. The day started with some lovely macro setup shots of rings, jewellery and flowers which were quickly overtaken by the hilarious bridesmaids, all happy to pose for the camera. With make up applied and hair set we took the time to take a few family shots with then headed over to the ceremony at Ness Botanic Gardens.
I have been to Ness many times but this was my first wedding there. The weather was glorious and a large crowd of guests and onlookers was waiting for us on arrival. The outdoor ceremony was beautiful and relaxed in the forest like surroundings of the gardens.
Afterwards the same area provided the wonderful ’tilt shift’group shot (making the party appear to be toys in a miniature forest) and some great opportunities for key shots with Jill and Chris taking a romantic, albeit with photographer in tow, walk around the grounds. The engagement shoot had proved a good warm up for the pair and we got these shots in what seemed like no time. This break in the day is one of the few times the couple will get to be alone so being able to shoot without directing too much is good for everyone.
With the ceremony over it was off to the reception at Neston Cricket Club. We arrived to find a match just starting and I couldn’t resist a pitch invasion as we took bride, groom and a fielding team of bridesmaids out to bat. With wedding dresses not being the ideal cricket attire it was a short over but provided some great images. My thanks to all the boys from the team for your back up (and bowling)
Once inside, guests were busy signing a mounted photo from our engagement shoot. A nice touch that got all the guests excited about posing for pictures and gave them confidence in me as a photographer, this can make a big difference to your guest photos as it did here.
After the wedding breakfast, and with the evening entertainment setting up it was time for the speeches. I had taken the time to plant remote flash units where I knew the speakers would be, enabling me to keep my distance but capture the images perfectly without interfering.
With the evening wrapping up, all that was left was the first dance. A combination of on and off camera flash keeps the colour and mood in the shots whilst still giving detail. I love shots like these with a real sense of movement and fun.
The day was great success. I had so much fun with Jill Chris and all their guests it didn’t feel like work at all.
If you are considering a wedding at Ness Gardens I can recommend it. It has a secluded intimate feel and is perfect for informal ceremonies that are more about celebrations than seating plans.